Alexander skarsgard dating alicia vikander

It’s more complicated than saying, ‘This is what it’s like with an actress.'” Alexa Chung was romantically linked to Alex Turner, the lead vocalist of the Arctic Monkeys for four years up until 2011.

Before she started dating Turner, Alexa reported lived with fashion photographer David Titlow during their relationship, which lasted more than three years.

Alexander Skarsgard was photographed yesterday leaving a restaurant and hugging a woman goodbye. Star Magazine and The National Enquirer reported a couple of months ago that Alex and Alicia were in love. What’s interesting though is that I’ve heard exclusively from three separate sources that Alex was sighted in Namibia recently. And I’m told that she and Alex were seen out for dinner one night, and walking around together another day.

She looks like Alicia Vikander, with whom I saw him at Comic-Con a couple of years ago. None of my sources were able to confirm in there was any PDA but they say that the two seemed really into each other and were talking closely.

Chung, 31, shared a shot of herself taken by Skarsgard on her Instagram account, writing, "O rose, thou are sick!Try: “Alexander Skarsgard and Alicia Vikander.” Alex, 36, has been quietly dating actress Alicia, 23, a fellow Swede, for the past six months – and a souce close to the couple reveals, it’s getting serious. I mean, obviously, The Viking can do whatever and whoever he wants. “Alex says he’s met his best friend and can really see himself marrying Alicia. And she’s both grounded and a charmer, revealing this week that her Oscar date won’t be her superstar boyfriend Michael Fassbender (she likes to keep her relationship out of the spotlight) but her mother. After giving up the tutus, she turned to acting and won a few TV roles.If 2015 was the year the Swedish actress took over the big screen — with a stonking seven films released — 2016 is the year this north London resident will hit the super-league. However, after twice being rejected from drama school she applied to law school — and won a place.