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The focus of this collection is general Chicago history, covering the city as a whole and the communities for which there is no separate neighborhood history collection.Materials on the Loop and Downtown areas can be found in this collection.Provenance information for Supplements 1-4, and for the Collection's photographs, is provided in their respective Scope and Content notes.The Chicago City-Wide Collection contains materials that overlap several neighborhoods.

He has a secret past - he was born as Richard "Dick" Whitman, and assumed his commanding officer's identity when he was killed in action in the Korean War. Starting as Don Draper's wide-eyed new secretary at the beginning of Season 1, she ends up senior copywriter at SCDP.

The Chicago City-Wide Collection consists of an initial accession and four supplemental accessions.

Each accession consists of an assortment of manuscript, printed and photographic materials.

Part of her effort was her determination that her children should be brought up in the style of true aristocrats.

Thus, as long as Bill Clift was able to pay for it, Brooks, Ethel and Montgomery were privately tutored, travelled extensively in America and Europe, became fluent in German and French, and were kept apart from people whom Sunny thought "common." The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression of the 1930s ruined Bill Clift financially.