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These are among the top questions about same-sex weddings I continue to receive, as a manners columnist about LGBT/straight issues, from parents and other family members.(With, of course, one additional question: Who pays?In a heated exchange shortly before the big day, Mitch’s father, Jay, suddenly reveals that he’s ashamed to tell his friends that his son is marrying a man.He sums up the emotional maelstrom for many when he says, “I have to admit it, this whole wedding thing is weird to me.” He goes on to list his questions: Will there be a father/son dance? Is there a bouquet and, if so, which groom throws it?

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As TV weddings go, this week’s “Modern Family” nuptials might not stir up quite the same viewer hysteria that “Rhoda” did back in 1974, when Rhoda and Joe’s wedding episode set TV ratings records.