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Let’s be honest, a jealous woman can be incredibly devious and catty and guy with a harem, needing to be constantly reassured, would run to these ‘friends,’ and since they wanted me out of the picture their advice was always unflattering and self-serving. I had three or four of them send me friend requests on Facebook, looking to snoop into my life, hoping to dig up some kind of dirt.

My appearance, my behavior was constantly under scrutiny by the harem and I had to eventually hit the pavement, because it felt like I was dating him and every other woman he had ever been involved with.

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I didn’t find that odd at first…until I noticed that more than eighty percent of the people on his Facebook were women ‘friends.’I was the fresh meat, getting the lion’s share of his attention and what I sensed right off the bat was that these women were very territorial.

Since I was shiny and new, I garnered most of his time and affection and this didn’t sit too well with the other women in his life, who had been relegated to the end of the line.

Every second of this session is a joy but the end is something else!

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Fuck buddy sites without a gold membership