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Prominent among their number was William Shakespeare, an actor and writer whose greatest success to date was the narrative poem Venus and Adonis.

The battle for the Blackfriars playhouse is not unknown, but no one has fleshed out the characters or followed in their footsteps as assiduously as Laoutaris.

Above you’ll find the first video off of Museum of Love’s self-titled album, just out on James Murphy’s DFA Records.

It’s kind of amazing: the song, “The Who’s Who of Who Cares,” and the video remind us of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” with shades of David Bowie, East Village underground disco pioneer Arthur Russell, and of course Pat Mahoney’s old band LCD Soundsystem.

That’s actually Mahoney sculpting a startling likeness of his bandmate Dennis Mc Nany (aka Jee Day) and then melting it down into a bubbling morass.

Yep, in addition to being a drummer-turned-singer and DJ, Mahoney is a sculptor who has even created toys for his DFA labelmates The Juan Maclean. Speaking of Museum of Love, we’re beyond stoked that they’ll be DJing our Bedford Bowery Bazaar on Saturday.

So you're alright with a few men and mtt that can potentially rape women because there are more women in attendance, so the chance is less but still can happen? Years ago she identified as a lesbian, then as a 'queer' and now probably is 'fluid'... Years ago she identified as a lesbian, then as a 'queer' and now probably is 'fluid'... Years ago she identified as a lesbian, then as a 'queer' and now probably is 'fluid'... As Chris Laoutaris writes in this splendid and original book, she was formidable, her flared widow’s hood making her look like a cobra poised to strike.Russell’s victims in this instance were the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, England’s premier theatrical troupe.When the Catholic Mary I came to the throne in 1553, Cooke went into exile and the teenage Elizabeth was absorbed into the household of her brother-in-law, William Cecil.His “fatherly care” continued into the next reign when he became Lord Burghley and Queen Elizabeth I’s chief adviser. Her first husband, Sir Thomas Hoby, left her the house in the Blackfriars.