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In Australia, a magician impresses audiences by producing real elephants. Across the world, individuals and organizations with supernatural power suddenly detect the presence of something even they can't understand.

At the center of it all, Seb Varden, a 32-year old musician with a secret in his past, slits his wrists, is shot dead and run over on the freeway.

She runs Angry Robot's YA imprint, Strange Chemistry. Ha, so I totally used that particular title because I like the word 'kerfuffle'. But enough about that - time to bring you news from the World Wide Web! pretty much the whole Net has now heard about Monica and her experiences with the editor at Cook's Source - but for anyone who has remained oblivious, I bring you the full account here. Various authors - including Peter F Hamilton - are Welcome back to World Wide Wednesday!

This one went absolutely viral and Cook's Source found their Facebook page inundated with complaints about the cavalier attitude shown - pretty horrendous, don't you agree? Any of the regular readers of WWW will know that every now and again there is a week's break from the post: I should explain that it will most often fall on the first week of a month since I am an accountant and work increased hours, hence finding it hard to fit in extra-curricular activities.

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My favorite book so far this year is, without a doubt, Dexter Palmer’s Version Control which I reviewed in March.

It’s about the wife and colleagues of a physicist named Philip Steiner who is working on a device that he hopes will disrupt the space-time continuum, allowing time travel (though he doesn’t want to become a laughingstock in the physics community by actually using the term “time travel”).

In the novel Palmer employs several well-worn science fiction tropes to freshly and humorously explore an array of human experiences.

In a near-deserted coastal village, odd things are happening. When they come into possession of a mysterious prehistoric cube, relic hunter Gabriel Parker, and the alluring artifact historian Natasha Rossi, find themselves inexplicably bound to a dark mythology dating back to the roots of civilization.

Strangers are asking questions about the town's recluse. Throughout history, the long-lost cube has been sought after by emperors, popes, and caliphs alike.