When to start dating after death of spouse

Here’s my question – when is it the right time to start dating again?

I’m feeling like I want to move into the next chapter of my life and not stay stuck in my past.

Blogger Erica Roman, also a widow, stood up for Oswalt in a post that went viral.

Roman shot back at the negative social media posts against Oswalt, writing that it’s intrusive of the public to pass judgement on whether someone moves on after a spouse dies.

What made you decide to get back into a relationship?

If you have children, how did you approach them about your decision?

“But yet, some people do take a proactive approach to healthy mourning.

So Air Talk wants to hear from listeners who’ve lost a spouse and found love again.

Grief counselors generally recommend a period of mourning, but the amount of time is ultimately up to you.

Although some say you'll need a year that may be different if your spouse was sick for a long time before his death.

This involves overcoming the natural denial response that happens when a loved one is physically dead.

As this happens, for Christians, the person mourning the loss is freer to embrace the consolation of knowing that spiritual life goes on and that we do not grieve as those who have no hope (1 Thessalonians ).