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In December 2006 Accola released her debut album, It's Always the Innocent Ones, independently in the United States.Accola co-wrote thirteen of the fourteen tracks on the record. In 2008 the album was re-released in Japan and achieved greater success.“We’re going to see Caroline get her bite back,” King says.“We’ll see her coming in as a badass, and sometimes she might act without thinking things totally through.” This specifically applies to Caroline’s stance against the Heretics, whom she “doesn’t like or trust very much.” Lastly, King confirms that Caroline, along with several other characters, will make good on the promise to Elena to keep diary entries of what she’s missing during her 60(ish)-year slumber."She's very much present in the hearts and the mind of all the characters." But should Delena fans be worried that another girl will come in and steal Damon's heart? (And the entire Delena fandom just let out a collective sigh of relief.) He continued, "I mean, look, she told him, 'Listen, you waited for Katherine for 150 years and you weren't a saint.Don't sit around and wait.' She said, 'Go have fun!Also Tyle’rs surname was mercifully changed from Smallwood to Lockwood. In season 2, Isobel Flemming’s phone number 919-399-2507 appeared on the screen and when viewers called it, they heard a recording from Elena, Damon, and Stefan.

Somerhalder also confessed that he's still a little baffled at how Damon and Elena became soulmates in the first place.

To celebrate the return of our favorite vamps, ET caught up with star Ian Somerhalder to get the exclusive scoop into Damon's mindset now that his soulmate is locked in a perpetual slumber -- totally normal problem, right?

-- and if Elena will still be a part of the storyline despite Nina Dobrev's departure from the show.

My favorite thing about playing a vampire is the stunts. Especially as a girl, being able to be all dolled up in heels and little outfits and be able to kick boys' butts, I think it's a really fun, make-believe world to play.

Along with her The Vampire Diaries co-stars Michael Trevino and Ian Somerhalder, Accola is a supporter of the It Gets Better Project, which aims to prevent Suicide among LGBT youth.

Who is candice accola dating in real life